Self Cap

A fast and easy way to enjoy your favorite beverage, saving money and knowing what your drinking: your capsule is ready in just 10 seconds, the time it takes for your machine to heat up.

Fill the capsule with coffee.
You are choosing your beverage and saving money.

Use any ground coffee for an espresso machine. Press your coffee powder for a richer taste.

Seal the capsule with the adhesive silver film.

Your capsule is now ready: sit back and enjoy your favourite coffee.

Nowadays, owning your own coffee machine means committing to a specific brand or quality of coffee.

Self Cap avoids this annoying inconvenience allowing you to:

  • Buy coffee from an exclusive coffee roasting company but also from any supermarket.
  • Drink a freshly ground cup of coffee.
  • Drink a cup of organic coffee.
  • Save money.
  • Create your own capsule any time you are out of pre-made ones.
  • Brew your own tea or infusion quickly, using your capsule coffee machine.
  • Enjoy your beverage any time you like: our capsules don’t expire.

With Self Cap you are only paying for what you are getting: your coffee.
Choosing your own ground coffee also allows for a wider price range of capsules.

Self Cap is compatible with all machines by

  • Nespresso®
  • Lavazza a Modo Mio®
  • Lavazza Blue®

More than 60% of all machines currently on the market.
With Self Cap, we aim to support all local high quality coffee roasting businesses that put all their hearts and souls into their product, while giving them the chance to create new and unique blends.


100 capsules pack

Lavazza A Modo Mio

100 capsules pack

Lavazza Blue

100 capsules pack