Lavazza a Modo Mio

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Freedom of choice is Self Cap’s biggest revolution: any brand or type of coffee, including organic blends, will be compatible, as well as your own tea or infusions. Self Cap, the love for your coffee, with endless possibilities, in just 10 seconds.

Self Cap will change the way you enjoy your Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee capsules. If you couldn’t find your favorite coffee already in capsules, look no further: with Self Cap you will be the expert behind your cup of coffee, it will be easy, quick and fun ! Filling your capsule will feel just like filling your old glorious moka pot, only quicker and neater.

With Self Cap you are not only saving money: you are also choosing which coffee you are drinking.

The easiest things are always the best after all.

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  • What kind of coffee should I use?

    Choose any ground coffee that is fit or meant to be used in espresso machines or moka pots.

  • I have inserted my capsule in the machine but the coffee is coming out too quickly: what should I do?

    If this problem occurs, try and press the product more before sealing your capsule.

  • I have pressed coffee in the capsule but the coffe is coming out too quickly: what should I do?

    If the problem remains, use finer grinds of coffee

  • Do Self Cap capsules expire?

    No, empty, unutilised SelfCap capsules do not expire

  • I have purchased other cheap capsules online before but the final result wasn't satisfying. Is using Self Cap capsules going to improve the final result?

    Yes, absolutely ! Coffee roasting companies are nowadays lowering their costs by having their own capsules filled with low quality coffee and assembled in China. SelfCap capsules will on the other hand allow you to buy you own main ingredient and the quality you will end up with is only going to be proportioned to the coffee you decide on using.


100 capsules pack

Lavazza A Modo Mio

100 capsules pack

Lavazza Blue

100 capsules pack